Tuesday, 24 March 2009

More survey responses needed

Just over 400 people have taken part in my survey but the numbers of users of gambling sites is still low - I would be grateful to anyone who feels able to take part in the survey to do so. Results will be posted here in the Autumn!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Survey Participation Request

A survey going live for four months has been launched today, 2 February 2009, seeking to establish what if any responsible gambing features are effective. Your participation is greatly appreciated and vital to the success of this research.

Click Here to take survey

Thank you.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Effective Responsible Gambling Features in Cyberspace

My PhD research is attempting to investigate the most effective responsible gambling features in cyberspace. The anonymity and accessibility of Internet gambling ensure that a range of problems will be associated with it and whilst for the cast majority of gamblers, they are buying entertainment and having a good experience, for a small minority, problem gambling is a serious problem and in the worst cases, gamblers lose their jobs, their savings, their homes and most importantly, their families and those persons for whom they care.

I would really appreciate any thoughts anybody may have about features or controls they believe would be useful for them or for problem gamblers or for recreational gamblers. If you feel able to submit a comment, I would greatly appreciate an insight into your gambling behaviour, especially if you feel you have a problem with your gambling.

My study is being self-funded and I have no association with any operators, lobbyists or gambling support groups. Your comments and co-operation will be valuable both to this research and to the general debate surrounding making Internet gambling safe.